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Understanding Self Assessment

Tax season can daunting, with endless forms, deadlines, and regulations to decipher. Amidst this complexity lies the self-assessment process—a crucial step for individuals in...

What is a Confirmation Statement?

HMRC are not the only authority that Limited Companies must report to. Companies House also have their share of filing requirements. One document stands out for transparency...

Apps and Technology

What is Making Tax Digital?

The UK Government has taken steps to modernise the tax system and streamline processes for businesses and individuals. Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a key part of the Government's...

IR35 Series

Determining your IR35 Status

Part 4: What factors affect your IR35 status? The good news is - there's not one thing that is taking into account, but a number of factors.

How to stay outside of IR35

Part 5: There's no black and white here - just several shades of grey. Here we try to help highlight what to do to keep in the safe zone.