The latest from team finance box

Thinking of using an EIS or SEIS Scheme?

EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) have become very popular amongst businesses looking to encourage investment and raise funds.

Help for a Flat-mate

Have you heard of the VAT flat rate scheme or have a friend making use of it?

Budget Updates – has it affected you?

Mr Hammond announced his first budget as chancellor yesterday and here’s is a list of key points for small businesses and business owners that could affect you.

Apps and Technology

IR35 Series

Determining your IR35 Status

Part 4: What factors affect your IR35 status? The good news is - there's not one thing that is taking into account, but a number of factors.

How to stay outside of IR35

Part 5: There's no black and white here - just several shades of grey. Here we try to help highlight what to do to keep in the safe zone.

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