Technology is our side-kick

Batman has Robin, Danger Mouse has Penfold - Finance Box has FABio

These days there's an app for everything. Each app has it's specialism and does things in a slightly different way to others in its field. Choosing your apps and building your app-stack can take time to get it right for your business.

Finance Box make it their mission to keep up with all the latest apps to make sure each client builds a bespoke system unique to their needs to offer the maximum benefit.

Connecting the Dots

FABio makes things happen whilst you sleep

There are many ways to connect cloud-based apps. Some have native API integrations. Others rely on third-party integrators. We label all these options as FABio. FABio is our Finance Automation Bot. He works whilst you're not - giving you peace of mind that the wheels continue to turn.

We have our favourites

Let us show you how we do it

We have tried and tested all the main-stream apps and adopted a workflow that saves us time, allows us to be paperless, completes organised filing, creates consistent accounting and drops real-time results into bespoke reporting platforms.