Interview with ApprovalMax | Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

Welcome to our Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick interview with ApprovalMax’s Sahil and our very own Steven Case. Of all the fantastic apps in our Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick series, we’ve been especially excited to introduce ApprovalMax to you.

31 October 2021
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Because of ApprovalMax’s presence in our app stack, run-of-the-mill documents can be approved automatically before they are processed and important files that need manual approval can be sent to a client if necessary, freeing up their time from sifting through the boring documents they probably don’t need to see anyway.

ApprovalMax sits right after Xero or Quickbooks in our chain of apps. As the initial app after a client’s accounting platform, it has a very important role.

When bills arrive from a client’s accounting software, it’s flagged as awaiting approval. ApprovalMax begins working its magic and can automatically approve documents based on pre-set parameters (an ‘approval matrix’). These matrixes are highly customisable and intelligent - able to read data in attachments within its own ecosystem.

If you don’t want important documents getting by without your say-so, ApprovalMax lets you set up email-based approval as well as multi-step or multi-tiered approval workflows. This means you - or whoever needs to see certain documents - gets pinged whenever something needs their attention. Not everything will, which is why ApprovalMax lets you set criteria for who gets notified and under what circumstances.

Here are a couple of scenarios for you that show how versatile ApprovalMax can be.

  • You’re a sole trader and you want to outsource your accounts but you’re the type of person who wants to see EVERYTHING even before it hits your bookkeeper’s inbox. With ApprovalMax, you can outsource your books and stick ApprovalMax between you and your bookkeeper, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • You’re a limited company with multiple departments overseen by different people: ApprovalMax was made for you. Let’s say you have two heads of departments who manage different areas or budgets. ApprovalMax can automatically send a bill to the one who needs to see it without clogging up the inbox of the other. This could be based on something like the account code, supplier or amount value.

ApprovalMax can deliver notifications via webpage, email or mobile app. If you’re a business owner who gets hundreds of emails a day, it’s crucial you see that approval message in a way that won’t get missed. You can completely replace email with another form of notification to suit your needs.

After all is said and done, ApprovalMax changes the status of the bill from 'awaiting approval' to 'awaiting payment'. Now the bill is ready for payment, reporting and all the other exciting things we do.

ApprovalMax can even handle POs and approvals before bills are incurred - adding an incredible layer of recordkeeping and transparency to your processes. It’s also great for auditors as the necessary audit logs are automatically added to the original bill in processing.

It’s no wonder that these guys have won multiple awards from the likes of Xero and they’re an essential part of our FABio app stack!

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