Every Superhero needs a Sidekick: Interview with ApprovalMax

Another of our "Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick" series where we take a look into ApprovalMax which lands right in the middle of our app-stack and see how it can help us improve confidence and control in our processes.

31 October 2021
Steven Case Steven Case
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We've been really looking forward to introducing ApprovalMax to you in our series. It's because ApprovalMax is in our app-stack, that our preferred processes work so well at delivery our clients trust and confidence in allowing bills to come to us first, instead of them.

ApprovalMax sits just after the accounting software in our chain of apps. It makes the best use of the data already entered into the system and the features of the system to hold all the entries back pending someone's review. So - just to set the scene - a bill has already arrived, it's been entered into a product like Xero and sits in the 'awaiting approval' status for someone to review. The same is true of sales invoices.

The great thing about these integrations is that ApprovalMax can see all this data, and because it meets the 'awaiting approval' criteria, it pulls the data and attachments into its app. Now that it's there, ApprovalMax has a genius approval matrix that can be customised as many ways as you like. The power of this is that you can make sure the right people see the right document, before it is considered as approved. Here's a coupe of use-case scenarios;

  • Maybe you're a one-person company, wanting to outsource your bookkeeping - but you want to see EVERYTHING before the bookkeeper lists it as 'awaiting payment'. Well, with ApprovalMax you can have the best of both worlds. Outsource the accounting but put ApprovalMax in the middle so that you see it all before someone has it in the payment list.

  • You could have a multi-person business with department heads responsible for different spend areas and budgets. You can set ApprovalMax to get approval from specific people for specific criteria including account codes, suppliers and amount values.

ApprovalMax delivers notifications to approvers via webpage, email and/or phone app. The user reviews, approves and the bill is moved on to the next step - which could be another approver. Once all approvals are made, ApprovalMax changes the status of the bill from 'awaiting approval', to 'awaiting payment'. Now the bill is ready for reporting, payment and everything else you'd expect from your accounting system.

For auditors this is especially brilliant as ApprovalMax attach an audit log of the original bil state and approvers directly onto the transaction inside of your accouting software.

ApprovalMax can even handle POs and approvals before bills are incurred - adding an incredible layer of records keeping and transparency to your processes.

With all this in mind - it's no wonder that thee guys have won multiple awards from the likes of Xero and stand strong in our app-stack recommendation.

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