Great words from our brilliant clients

Always adapting to any issues that arise and ensuring that the job is done right has removed a significant weight off our shoulders.

From day one Finance Box have been absolutely incredible in the service they've delivered us... If you are looking for an accountant, you will be in very very safe hands.

I highly recommend Finance Box to you... they are loyal, knowledgable and super-helpful. They make my life much easier.

A photo of Torsten Brose

With Finance Box, we have built substantially improved detail into our P&L and created KPI reporting that gives us a level of control and understanding of our numbers and the business as a whole.

I love having that one to one rapport with someone who is very friendly, approachable and patient with me when I have questions.

Finance Box have been a huge help to our business. Great attention to detail, knowledge of systems and always looking to improve the efficiency of any given process.

A photo of Claire Harsant

Before Finance Box I was pulling out my hair with the stress of trying to manage the numbers. Now, I feel that a weight has been lifted. All our accounts are taken care of by amazing people who really know their stuff, leaving me to focus on my customers.

A photo of Kirstie White

We are very happy with the service from Finance Box – they are great to deal with and always prompt with our payroll, VAT and end of year accounts.