Where we begin...

Every superhero story has an origin story. Ours goes back a few years.

After leaving school, Steve Case went to find work in London whilst also using college for evening study on the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) course. By 2005 he had completed the exams first-time but didn't actually do anything with his new powers.

Steve worked up the chain of job titles in courier businesses, law firms, and recruitment business until he became International Financial Controller at Antal International. It was there that his experience widened, skills were put to the test, took key roles in a number of M&A projects and an appreciation of quality financial tools and data needed for the big decisions in business grew.

In 2011 Steve decided to branch out and become an FD-for-hire working with a number of businesses on a project-based contract.

It was in 2013 that Steve met Sam Cropper at Climate Cars. Sam was a newly appointed CEO and was employed to steer a taxi business into something saleable for the shareholders. During the course of about a year, Steve as FD freed up Sam's time to use his own superpowers. The business was successfully sold to Addison Lee.

In 2015 Sam co-founded a courier startup and brought Steve back in to help shape that new business. This began in a WeWork office. The WeWork network of clients calling out for rescue from their accounting burdens was rife.

Steve and Sam both heard the call of these businesses in need. Heroes can't but help people in need. And so there and then, Finance Box was born on 7th December 2015.

Pulling the Team Together

The team at Finance Box is made up of a lot more than just people - but people are at the centre so we needed to get a team together of like-minded individuals that seek the greater good and understood our mission. Initially, this began as just one person but today we stand as 14 heroes across 2 offices - including our bot FABio.

Standing at the front line of developments

Ever since we started Finance Box, we decided to be paperless and adopt an entirely digital process. By doing this we had to adopt a series of softwares. Very quickly we realised that connecting these together we could create a joined up process and workflow to make things more efficient that imaginable.

We've been a Xero partner since 2015. Becoming a partner gave us a huge insight to the Xero eco-system and the other apps we connect to the accounting data we create.

Finance Box is Xero advisor certified and payroll certified. We specialise in providing Xero migration and advisory services. We have expertise in using Hubdoc. We are ready to help you comply with the UK requirements for making tax Digital using Xero.

All these add-ons play nicely with other platforms too such as Quickbooks and Sage. Therefore we're able to interchange apps to suit the client. This allows us to create a truly bespoke app-stack with benefits for each individual client.

Signing up our side-kicks

Alongside our heroes are our sidekicks. These are the apps we employ throughout our workflow to bring data to you whilst it's relevant. Apps like Xero with their bank-feeds, Hubdoc with its document processing, Fathom with its reporting can bring you real results on an almost live basis. 

Each mission requires different tools and skills - we select the right team combination for each client that needs our help.

Changing the world client by client

Finance Box have grown to over 100 clients into 2021. We serve to help all sizes of business form the individual that only needs a self assessment tax return once a year, to the multi-staffed business with years of history already under its utility belt looking to evolve and keep ahead of the curve.

We have clients in construction, consultancy, design, education, fitness, not-for-profit, professional services, recruitment, retail, SaaS, security, transportation and more.

We have helped start-ups get off the ground and find investment. We have helped established business install change and turn to a paperless environment. We have helped put controls into struggling businesses and seen them thrive.

Finance Box can rescue you too.