Companies House

We can take care of any statutory filings and updates for you so that you never miss a deadline - just leave the form filling to us.

Companies House is a separate authority to HMRC. This is the place where a company is required to file their accounts and keep certain records up to date. It’s the public record of the main details of your company. Updates and filings need to take place using specific forms and within certain deadlines. Getting these forms right is important in order for them to be valid. Getting forms wrong can create all kinds of issues in the future. Making sure shares are created correctly can avoid huge unintended tax bills.

We help our clients with these filings and ensure that deadlines are not missed and filings are made easy. Things like the annual confirmation statement are fixed into our standard workflow to make sure you’re aware of upcoming deadlines.

Therefore allow us to help you get all the filings in place and you can avoid any unplanned hassle.

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