With your input, we can build a financial forecast to help you plan for the future, and we can adjust it to show you different scenarios - all designed to keep you on track or perhaps re-plot where you want to be.

Ever wanted to see the future?… we can show you.

Finance Box have developed a 5 stage collaborative programme to build a multi-year financial forecast of your business. We work together as we’re the ones with the accounting knowledge and you’re the one with the dreams, goals and ambitions. We don’t use the AI based apps unless it’s a simple “business as usual” forecast you’re looking for. If you’re growing or changing direction a bit, we need to plot in some specifics.

Know where you want to get to but not sure how to get there? Our plan can direct you.

Know where your numbers are but want to see where it leads? We can show you the destination.

Want to know when cash runs out?… of course you do. We can not only show you when, but also help you plan how to avoid it.

Our 5 stages are as follows;

Once your forecast is complete, it is the perfect tool to match up to your management accounts for regular reporting to ensure you either remain on track of your goals or edit your forecast so you can plan where you’re heading.

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