Every Superhero needs a Sidekick: Interview with Pleo

Another of our "Every Superhero needs a Sidekick" series where we take a look at Pleo and how their app can help us automate expenses and make receipt tracking really simple and under control.

17 October 2021
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At Finance Box, we really get zero enjoyment out of being that irritating "person from accounts" that's always chasing a bit of paper - probably one that's been lost already. The problem is, that receipt for your expenses is actually quite important. This is where Pleo saves the day...

In a nutshell; Pleo is a bit like a petty cash tin, where you load it with cash and make that available for staff to spend - except Pleo use cards driven by an app rather than cash.

When you take your card to the shop and use it at the till, because the card is connected that users app, their app sends a notification asking them to photograph the receipt instantly. The beautiful power here is that the user has the receipt right there and then. So before they lose it, they can record it.

And they're done.

That really is it!

No more receipt chasing, no more made-up expenses, lost change, shared card details - it's all easy and happens in real time.

Each user is assigned a monthly spend limit and a single transaction limit - which means that the business can make the facility available to everyone whilst confidently knowing that spending is under control.

Pleo isn't just about petty cash either - staff can claim expenses, have them approved AND have them repaid directly to their card. This is called 'pocket' within their app and is simply genious.

In case that wasn't enough, Pleo can handle company bills and approvals before pushing into your favourite accounting systems, such as Xero or Quickbooks.

It's incredible to see how far this app has developed. Dreaming about automated accounting is no longer a dream - it's within tangible reaching distance.

If you'd like to give Pleo a spin, we'll set you up with a FREE trial of all their features. You won't be disappointed.

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