Credit control

We can help encourage your customers to pay on time.

Your customers had one job - just to pay you the agreed fee on time. You had a whole lot more to deliver - and you have. So why haven't your clients paid you yet?

Sometimes your clients just need a little reminder or a nudge that it’s time to pay you. This is easily handled often with a simple friendly email - after all, you want them to use you again. Most of the time these reminders are enough for the client to pay you on their next run.

Other times customers need a call. If there’s been an issue, it’s a great opportunity to work out a problem and make sure that your service levels are maintained. It is also a great way to encourage an upsell or sell further services.

In really serious times clients need a very strong push and a debt collector to bring them in line. At this stage, the relationship has probably deteriorated and it's simply a task of doing what is necessary to get paid what was agreed.

Finance Box have experience in the soft approach, the need to respect the customer relationship and the tools to lean hard when needed. We can help chase your customers in collaboration with you and your sales team to ensure that your standards are met at each stage. We never call a customer without your approval and we make sure you stay informed along the way.

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