Prestigious central london address

Every company needs to belong somewhere and therefore have its own address. This address is public - so do you really want it based at your home?

We understand the challenges of running a business and the need for a professional and credible address. With our virtual office service, you can have a prestigious London address for your business documents and have the convenience of a postal service.

A London based address

Finance Box partner with a London office address. This address doubles up as a service address for all your Directors and assists with keeping your personal details private.

Our service allows also for the scanning of your mail delivered at the London address and delivered to you electronically.

Our virtual office service also offers the option to use our address as your legally required public business address. This means that our address can be used for all of your website, business cards, and other marketing materials. This will give your business a prime location in London and help make a good impression.

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Our services

A super hero of VAT returns

VAT returns

We’ll make sure your returns are accurate, compliant and filed on time.

A super hero of Forecasting


With your input, we can build a financial forecast to help you plan for the future, and we can adjust it to show you different scenarios - all designed to keep you on track or perhaps re-plot where you want to be.

A super hero of Cashflow


You’ve probably heard the phrase “cash is king”. But why is cash king?