Personal Tax

Claiming tax relief for working from home

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found themselves working from home in the longer term. Some people may be eligible to claim tax relief for some of the...

Tax relief for pension contributions

Tax relief on pension contributions is an aspect of our pension system designed to encourage individuals to save for their retirement. It offers a range of benefits to both...

Submitting Tax Returns Early

Every self-employed person, or person with more than one source of income has to submit a tax return by 31st January every year for the tax year that ended on the previous 5th...

Why Understanding the 1257L Tax Code is Crucial for UK Employers

Learn How Tax Codes Impact Your Business and Your Employees' Pay

How to stay outside of IR35

Part 5: There's no black and white here - just several shades of grey. Here we try to help highlight what to do to keep in the safe zone.

Determining your IR35 Status

Part 4: What factors affect your IR35 status? The good news is - there's not one thing that is taking into account, but a number of factors.

Why you should be taking IR35 and Off-payroll seriously

Part 3: The responsibility for paying the right taxes is shifting - it could be your responsibility now.

Types of working contracts

Part 2: IR35 doesn't affect every type contract. There are different types to be aware of.

What IR35 is and why it exists

Part 1: IR35 regulations have been around longer than you think - but what's all the fuss about?

Getting a KIC out of EIS relief

EIS and SEIS can give investors great tax bandits when investing in your business.