Every Superhero needs a Sidekick: Interview with Hubdoc

We take a deep dive into Hubdoc right at the very start of our app-stack and ask how it can help us automate data entry.

10 October 2021
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Around 3 min

With an app like Xero or Quickbooks in the centre of our app-stack, Hubdoc joins our team of superhero sidekicks right at the start of our chain.

Hubdoc is an online software that uses OCR type technology to read and recognise certain keywords and fields from the bills you upload to it, to make data entry that bit more automated. It looks out for dates, invoice numbers and values, and prepares them ready for entry into the accounting software.

Where this really becomes powerful is when you link Hubdoc to your accounts software - because it’ll push that data straight into the relevant boxes for you, eliminating the need for any keystroke data entry at all.

Getting data into Hubdoc in the first instance is made super easy (and you even automate this step too). You can either upload a document straight via the website, forward it directly from email, use the mobile app to photograph it straight in or… and this is the best feature… let it login into the supplier for you and ‘fetch’ it itself. Yes indeed - no more logging in and downloading mobile bills, just to have to upload them. 

Once Hubdoc reads the bills and processes the data, it’s ready to be used further in the app stack. You can train Hubdoc that you always want a certain contact, account code and narrative and it will remember next time. You can then check the entries and push that data directly to your accounts software. You can take it a step further and switch on an auto-sync feature so that once you have confidence, this app can run on auto-pilot depending on the supplier.

Hubdoc backs up as a digital document storage repository. It files everything by supplier and makes it simple to use when searching. In addition, it will push a copy of the file into your accounts software so that the transaction has a tangible original attachment to view.

In case that’s not enough, Hubdoc will also integrate with the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive for added document backups and storage.

Because of Hubdoc, Finance Box has been able to create a truly paperless office. All files are digital, backed up, accessible and all original paper files are shredded and recycled. That same benefit is passed down to our clients as a natural positive impact too.

To get to know more about our impressive sidekick - feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to explore any questions or use cases that you might have.

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