VAT Returns without the stress

We’ll make sure your returns are accurate, compliant and filed on time.

1 July 2022
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Around 2 min

VAT is unavoidable and there are many rules around it that you need to be aware of. Non-compliance can often result in inspections, corrections and penalties if you’ve made errors. If you were to have an inspection, providing the detail that HMRC request can be time consuming and sits as a hidden cost to your business. Inspections also often arise when VAT refunds are being claimed. You can not afford to delays in the process as this can negatively affect cashflow.

HMRC expect records to be kept digitally now. Having the right filing and detail recorded at the start can save you hours later. Impressing HMRC with well kept and detailed records can make inspections pass much quicker. The time saved can mean you can get back to your ordinary day to day work.

Our staff are trained in what HMRC expect to see and look after your bookkeeping in a way that makes this almost effortless. The software we use and the way we file your documents often means a very swift turn-around when queries arise. Our speed of response means that we keep the wheels moving on your refund process so that your much needed cashflow is returned to you at the soonest opportunity.

We are fully MTD compliant (Making Tax Digital) for VAT and we can ensure that you’re also following the most up to date rules when it comes to the records that you need to keep, the way you file your returns and the criteria for the VAT transaction you make every day.