Unveiling the Accounting Calendar: Your Guide to Key Dates

In this guide, we discuss the key dates that mark the milestones in your accounting and tax universe, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve like true financial superheroes.

27 March 2024
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Personal Tax 

Year End - 05/04

As the sun sets on one tax year, it's time to wrap up your personal finances and prepare for the next fiscal adventure.

Year Start - 06/04

With the dawn of a new tax year, this is the opportunity to set your financial goals and embark on a journey towards prosperity.

Tax Return Filing Deadline - 31/01

Mark this date on your calendar as the deadline to swoop in and file your personal tax return. No capes required, but a steady hand with numbers is a must!

Final Balancing Payment Due - 31/01

The final showdown of the tax year calls for settling your accounts with the taxman. Ensure your business stands strong by making your final balancing payment on time.

1st Payment on Account Due - 31/01

Embrace the spirit of proactive financial management by making your first payment on account before the deadline.

2nd Payment on Account Due - 31/07

Stay ahead of the game by making your second payment on account.


Filing Due by Chosen Pay-Day

Ensure timely filing.

PAYE Payment Due by 21st of the Month Following the Payroll

Make sure to pay your PAYE obligations.


Bookkeeping Completion Due by 21st Following the 3-Month End

Dive into your VAT books, ensuring completion by the deadline to maintain financial transparency and accuracy.

Filing and Payment Due by 7th of the 2nd Month Following the 3-Month End

File your VAT returns before the deadline.

Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax

Accounts Filing Due 9 Months After Year End

Assemble your financial records and file your annual accounts before the deadline to maintain compliance and uphold financial integrity.

Corporation Tax Payment Due 9 Months and 1 Day After Year End

Make your corporation tax payment before the deadline.

Corporation Tax Filing Due 12 Months After Year End

Sync your financial timelines and file your corporation tax return alongside your annual accounts, ensuring seamless compliance and financial transparency.

As you navigate the twists and turns of the accounting world, remember that with great financial power comes great responsibility. Get those taxes filed and paid on time! Stay vigilant, stay proactive, and together, we'll conquer the financial cosmos!