Taking care of your bookkeeping

We will ensure your invoices and expenses are captured and processed, and your bank statements are reconciled.

1 July 2022
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At the very foundation of anyone’s accounts, keeping proper records is something you have to do by law. Not getting this right can cause you hours of time later. Keeping the right evidence of what you have spent money on and why you have received money helps ensure that the taxation attached to those transactions is handled correctly. This covers all transactions - even the coffee you buy from around the corner on the company card. It’s so easy to get this wrong - and it’s a headache you didn’t ask for.

What we need is to have every transaction tied into a digital platform, to have evidence attached to every transaction to support what it was that you paid for. We need a system that can show us real numbers day by day and help us make decisions because it’s up to date when we need it. Luckily, that dream could be a reality today.

You already get bills, you get receipts and you create invoices for your customers. The next step is what you do with them - whether it be an email or a paper version. This is where Finance Box can help:

 Finance Box split bookkeeping into 3 elements:


These days bills from suppliers are often sent by email - we become “finance@yourdomain.com” for your business and serve as a front-line for these bills. Not only do we take care of the accounting and record-keeping, but we also take care of the filing too. At this level there's nothing too fancy - we simply book in what you’ve been charged for.


Sales raising is often best performed by the salesperson or an app-enabled integration. You already know the words you want to use, the service you provide, the values and the amounts. Therefore we show you how to create these and send them at your leisure - but sometimes there can be so many that it’s not the best use of your time. This is where we take a further step and create the sales from a controlled data set for you.


Banking is the 3rd part of our bookkeeping triangle. Once we have sales and bills in the system, it’s important we allocate actual bank transactions to the bills and invoices. Sometimes we find transactions that can not be matched - this is when we use the opportunity to get in touch and find out what you have instead. It ensures that there are no gaps in your records and keep you confident in your own compliance.

 Finance Box covers all variations and combinations of the above based on the specific needs of your business - whether that be daily updates or just once a month.

If you’re looking for something more involved - see our management accounts section. This is where clever accounting happens.