Annual accounts done right

We will take care of your annual accounts and ensure filing on time, complete with an audit ready pack for review, whilst also handling your company tax duties for you.

1 July 2022
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Around 2 min

Annual filings are one of the first things businesses can easily forget. Firstly a year passes, then you have 9 months to file your first results. If these are not on your radar they can easily go by forgotten about. Forgetting filings can lead to penalties and in extreme cases can lead to your business being closed.

Company accounts have a full book of rules over how they must be presented, what should be included - and how your company tax should be calculated. It’s not as simple as pressing a button in your software. These rules change as you grow too - therefore keeping up with the changes and knowing the rules is extremely important in the world of compliance.

Finance Box take all these cares on board for you. We keep up to date with the legislation and ensure that the accounts we produce are compliant with all the rules. Where appropriate we identify ways to optimise your tax efficiency and most importantly we keep your records filed on time so as to avoid any penalties.

Each accounts pack we create includes a full review. We make sure that nothing has been over-looked. The packs we create are audit-ready - not because you need an audit, but because it’s important to be able to justify the numbers we’re presenting on your behalf. In the future, if you have third parties wanting to look deeper into your accounts, our packs are ready for that interrogation without needing any additional input.

We also work very closely with select partners for specialist tax input - including R&D (research and development) tax returns which can increase tax reclaims.