Financial Forecasting in Rustington

With your assistance, we can create a financial prediction to assist you in making future plans. We can then modify it to display several possibilities, all of which are intended to keep you on course or possibly re-map where you want to be.

What is financial forecasting?

Planning for the future

Forecasting is the method of analysing historical and current data as well as market trends to make predictions about your company's financial performance in the future. enabling you to make appropriate plans and determine which parts of your company's finances need to be improved in order to achieve the desired result.

Why Finance Box for financial forecasting?

We have developed a 5 stage collaborative programme to build a multi-year financial record for businesses. This consist of:

  1. Initial draft using available data

  2. Collaboration with you to agree on our findings

  3. Review of initial draft

  4. Application of changes to working model

  5. Delivery of forecasting

The power of forecasting

Once your forecast is complete, it is the perfect tool to match up to your management accounts for regular reporting to ensure you either remain on track of your goals or edit your forecast so you can plan where you’re heading.

Your report will enable you to compare your performance to your annual results and modify your future estimates as necessary to maintain a positive cash flow!

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With your input, we can build a financial forecast to help you plan for the future, and we can adjust it to show you different scenarios - all designed to keep you on track or perhaps re-plot where you want to be.

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